Tuesday, April 21, 2015

tête de cuguret, 2912m

Today we started out for a nice high summit above the cabin, Tête de Cuguret, 2912M. Derek was still sick, but survived 800m climb before accepting it. I left him beside the ruins of a fortress so he could rest while I continued upward. 

And up I went. A quick climb at first, a long spine, and finally an exposed high scramble. An occasional wind gust blew the loose stones sideways off the mountain and dropped them to the abyss below. I felt alone and far away, 1000m above the next nearest person. My mind couldn't help but think that if I slipped...not because it was terribly technical, but just because there was no one nearby. It was strange and exciting to be so high all by myself. After enjoying the panorama and snapping lots of pictures, I was excited to start down and rejoin Derek.     

It was a quick trip down after I reached the spine, and soon I could see a small read dot, just where I left him. He had slept the three hours that I was gone, and was just starting to wonder when I was coming back. We sat a while in the grass, and shared our stories from the past few hours- him snoring on the side of a mountain and my feeling of isolation, accomplishment, and relief when I found him again. We still had a a descent run ahead of us to get back to the cabin, and I was finishing a steep 20km day with over 1800m+. Time for a cold treat on the patio before dinner and planning the next adventure.

Monday, April 20, 2015

lac sagnes

I woke up before the sun, ready and waiting to hit the trails. Derek unfortunately woke with a fever and flu- a rough way to start the week. I got some groceries, did yoga on the patio, and made lunch while he slept and tried to fight off his symptoms. 

He was in rough shape, but mustered the strength to start our first run of the week. It was such a beautiful, sunny day, he couldn't rest, even for illness, so we set an easier pace, but still finished 27 km and 750m+ in the afternoon, running through snow, pine forest, and beside fantastic peaks. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

trail week

I've been dreaming up my ideal vacation, but couldn't find the right place to set it. Derek and I have been trying to commit to a week away to start the trail season, but timing or location just wasn't working out, plus, I'm not overly motivated to leave our area. Yesterday I found this cabin (perfect) and today we packed our running shoes into the car, some provisions, and the cat, and made the four and a half hour drive south along winding mountain roads to Jausiers. 

When we arrived, we went for a walk to stretch our legs from the drive- there is no shortage of trails just out the door. We already know it's going to be difficult to choose, but we will explore all that we can.

We made dinner, enjoyed the fireplace, and planned some routes before getting to bed, excited to start a big week of running and resting!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Aren't they lovely! The week these bloom is always one of the sweetest times in our town.