Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am so very far behind with this blog. May and June have been packed with mountain runs, fun times with friends, and a great start to the new racing season. With more exciting adventures coming July and August, I will probably continue to neglect the blog (hint: multi-day, crazy terrain, and long distance runs in beautiful, remote locations ahead). Have a great summer! I hope to catch up soon, but until I make myself sit down at the computer for a while, wade through the photos, and write race reports, join me in the mountains and follow some of my daily shots on Instagram:

Saturday, April 25, 2015

running in the rain

Tomorrow morning we head home from our trail week. We spent the rainy morning relaxing by the fireplace, drinking coffee and tea, and starting to make plans for upcoming races. 

In the afternoon we chose our last trail, a flat 15km (only 400m+) at 2000m elevation. The soggy run just above the cabin, transported us to another place, under dramatic clouds, crossing through cold water and feeling far away.  

Trail week was even better than we imagined it could be. We covered some gorgeous trails and are inspired to come back for more. There are too many beautiful things to see and places to explore, but we made the most of our week here. We are leaving refreshed from the solitude we found together on these trails plus, feeling strong and confident to begin the racing season. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

pointe fine, 2581m

We are running our last summit of the trip, one that we have been looking at all week, Pointe Fine, 2581m. From Jausiers, we begin the 20km, 1400m+ with a steady climb, and after a while, we push through some speed intervals up the switchbacks.

We go for the summit before taking a rest, but it is cold and windy and our legs feel a bit shocked by the knee deep snow in the final stretch, so we don't pause long. 

We find wind block lower down and stop for a nap in the sun  before continuing the descent. Back below the tree line, we push our last kilometers of downhill running, racing each other down at a 20km/h pace on our tired legs, but they are still going (surprisingly strong) and we are having fun, playing and pushing for more speed. 

It is hot when we reach the bottom, and lucky for us, we can enjoy a cold dip before our evening smoothies and dinner routine. Can we stay another week? 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

bike break

I don't want to push my luck- three consecutive days of running is the most I've done since having Achilles problems last fall- so we are biking to give our running muscles and joints a rest today.  I must have been crazy to think mountain biking would give us "rest." My legs were screaming almost as soon as we started, and demonstrating the importance of developing some other muscles. Also, my butt got so sore. Complaining aside, we laughed at ourselves the entire time as we sluggishly drug ourselves up an "easy" bike route from Larche. Ugh, I think I'll feel this tomorrow...

We saw fox and marmots today on our tour through fields shared by snow and spring blossoms. Back in Barcelonnette, we went for a second, flatter ride along the river to get more use from our rented bikes before cozying up at the cabin for another hearty meal and kitty snuggles. I usually like my own cooking, but everything tastes even better this week, maybe we are extra hungry.