Wednesday, October 29, 2014

walking, walking, walking

I can't believe how beautiful the light and the colors are, and that it's almost November, and ski season is coming soon. I can't wait for chili dinner tonight, and wearing thick socks. And, I can't complain too much about not running since I get to walk around and enjoy this lovely scenery. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

run some

A friend told me that recovering from an injury takes more discipline than training. Sounds funny, but I am starting to believe it. Not running has been a challenge, and today I let myself have my first twenty minutes of running since Trail du Vuache. It felt good. Now I want to go for hours...The struggle will be not doing too much too soon, and I am taking the time off now so I won't miss more later. The weather is not helping either, it's warm and sunny and the colors are magical. I've enjoyed some slow walks with the camera and taking my time to enjoy the changing season.     

Sunday, October 26, 2014


This morning we were wide awake early after changing the clocks. I made blueberry pancakes and we climbed the via ferrata course at Fort l'Ecluse. It was still early, and a beautiful day, so we followed the climb with an easy hike in the Jura- I didn't want to miss looking over the other side to the changing colors.

It was tempting to try running. I took a few strides to see how things feel, and repeated some (cautious) ups and downs, but I plan to be patient and not do too much to soon. 

Lovely view of the Alps today. 

The light faded and the temperature dropped quickly as we finished our loop, rushing back to the car just as it became dark. These short days will take some adjusting, but we still have some hours of light to spend in the mountains.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yeah for going outside! After a week in the house, I was excited to get out for a walk in the gorgeous sunshine this afternoon. It's a perfect fall day, cool air, toasty sun, and warm colors. Derek and I packed a lunch to picnic in the vineyard and strolled through the forest. Afterwards, we joined friends for beers and boulles. I've been nervous about attempting a walk, but it was encouraging. I'll be back on the trails sooner than I thought, thank goodness.   

Friday, October 24, 2014


Sunday's race was fantastic, but by Monday morning I knew for sure that I had worsened the damage to my sore Achilles. It was more swollen, popping, and I couldn't move my foot at all- zero range of motion. I had this painful feeling like my heel was held together by a crusty old rubber band that was full of holes and sometimes dry strands of cord snapped. This did not feel good. 

Monday afternoon (it was so sunny and nice, and who knows how much more of this weather we will have) I tagged along with friends to the park, but immediately realized that even that was too much effort. By evening, I was a wreck, fearing the worst. Of course I want to understand what the problem is, even though I know better than to try to figure it out with the help of the internet. I will never run again, panic! Before I completely freak out, I decide that I'll give it a few days of total RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate). I passed Tuesday and Wednesday, sitting, all day, since that was all I could do, and caught-up on some exciting tv watching while already feeling restless. I checked the web cams to see the first snowfall on the Jura this week, disappointed that I wouldn't run in it like I had planned. I even closed my RunKeeper tab so I would't have to see other people running while I'm stuck inside, sulking. Pinot helped by keeping me company and alternating ice/heat by snuggling on my injury.

By Thursday things finally started to change for the better. I was able limp around, and even try some calf raises in the pool- yeah for leaving the house! Ok, time to order new running shoes, I will need them sooner rather than later...

Now, on Friday I managed a very light yoga session. I don't think I'll be running at full strength soon, but at least I hope to go for a walk this weekend. It doesn't seem like much, but I am amazed at the change that a few days of total rest has brought. Not to sound dramatic, but I thought, just maybe, I had really pushed it too far this time. I'm feeling pretty lucky that I am recovering this quickly, and learning the hard way to listen to my body when it threatens to go on strike if I don't give it a break.  I tend to err on being tough and powering through, but have promised myself to ease back into training. The Achilles is not one to mess with, so we are going to take it easy, cautious, and build back deliberately. Not doing too much too soon is going to by my challenge, but I don't want to spend another week (or more) on my butt.